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AIDS Arms/Lifewalk

Saturday, Oct 7th, 2012


Become a sponsor of today by making a tax-deductible donation!!

As a people we choose to live by spiritual principles and who we are as an organization recognizes these principles as a way of life; and it is a necessity for the functioning of this organization.

As we grow in our infrastructure we become a performing arts organization who takes our rightful place in our community doing our part, being responsible and accountable for the positive growth of that community.

We are a performing arts organization that recognizes that “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” We ask for your support and your help to make our organization strong. HappyNia Dance Theatre Productions, Inc. welcomes donations through these (7) seven principles:

Principle #1

Umoja – Unity: $500.00

(Together we stand strong)

Principle #2

Kujichagalia – Self determination: $1,500.00

(With self determination we grow to be all that God created us to be)

Principle #3

Ujima – Collective work and responsibility: $2,000.00

(We work together to fight racial injustice in the world and preserve the integrity and future of our African American community)

Principle #4

Ujamma – Cooperative Economics: $2,500.00

(Working with other organizations to grow and develop the educational institutions in our African American community)

Principle #5

Nia – Purpose: $5,000.00

(The purpose is to build awareness to HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and Self Actualizing creating platforms for dialogue to better understand what role we play in each others lives)

Principle #6

Kuumba – Creativity: $10,000.00

(Teaching our youth of their creative responsibility in giving back to their own community)

Principle #7

Imani – Faith: $15,000.00

(We continue in the faith of our ancestors by maintaining a strong spiritual connection to our rich legacy and heritage)

As an Imani sponsorship you are entitled to:

•(2) two free tickets to all performances

•Company branding in all HappyNia’s playbills

•Exclusive viewing of a rehearsal performance



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